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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Dinner

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Here is a shot of Thanksgiving Dinner minus a couple dishes. My Wife Shanickwa did the sweets and the Turkey. I cook the other dishes. The Crispy Fish was the Best. Nyrere did quite a bit as the Chef assitant. He mixed the dressing and the helped with the turkey.

At Supper, we all took time to thank God. Mandela yells, "I thank God for Everything!" I thank God for all my Blessing, the good and the bad. This Year is truly a blessing.

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Meditation Journal- 11/25/2008

Meditation has been up and down, but the blessing continues to shower on me.  Meditation continues to give me that additional "me" time necessary to move forward spiritually, emotional and mentally.  I feel that this is a means to continue the inward journey to find strength, courage and love.  Strength to continue to be the man my children can emulate.  Courage to move forward even when forward seems like an impossible trek.  Love that will continue to flourish and shower all that I come in contact with in life.


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Meditation Journal- 11/13/2008


Meditation has been great; I feel the positive energy from the exercises. The more I do it the more I want to share it. Many don’t seem to subscribe to the benefits of meditation. They feel it is not necessary for life or salvation. I believe that it is a missing component from many lives.

image Life is a journey. We are so busy trying to get from one station to another, that we do not take the time to enjoy the trip or evaluate our vehicle or mode of transportation.

In life’s journey, here are the questions I pose to myself:

Am I equipped for the journey?

Am I traveling with right people?

Am I enjoying the actual trip and scenery?

Are those in my care prepared to continue their travels once I have reached my destination?

Life is a journey and though I have slept through parts of it, I will not sleep through the rest of it.


Look at these two pictures. These two visions have interesting contrast. Perception and interpretation always vary. What do you see? More importantly, why?

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The I Spy Connection- Meditation Journal 11/6/2008


My meditation practice is going well. The practice is great, and I am becoming more mindful.  The focus of my mediation is to learn from observation.  I have conditioned myself to be controlling out of fear and mistrust.

I am working on my control and trust issues. I can now look in the mirror at Travis.  I am aware of my need to control everything.  My meditation practice slows me down and allows me to focus on my goals, direction, and shortcomings.  It is impossible to do everything or control ever element of a situation, but I tried.  Meditation provides a means to examine and change the controlling behavior through mindfulness.

Instead of stopping for a quick once over, I would overlook all of the good traits and not correct the bad attributes. God provides the insight, means, and guidance to those who are open enough to accept the tools he provides. Our experiences can be likened to I SPY.  I SPY is a kid show in which the main character searches for several components to accomplish a task. The characters are told what is necessary, and they began to search specifically for those items.   The correlation is simple.  In any of our given situations, God provides clues through intellect, experience, observation and insight.  He also provides individuals to counsel and forewarning us.



Wednesday, November 5, 2008

We welcome history. We welcome President Obama

My trifling friends

Like the estranged father that shows up for his son's NBA draft, some of my friend are joyful about Obama, but they did note vote!
We welcome the prodigal kids, but com'on people, we need everyone to play their part. Let work toward a common goal of Life as God intended.


Travis M. Spencer

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My Part: Front Row to History

Election Night: Get a front row seat to history

Today I will contribute to history.

This is significant because less than 50 years ago there were laws that prevent my relatives from voting. There were laws that separated the races and systematically oppressed Blacks and other minorities.  This injustice prevented community growth and equality. Less than 100 years ago, Blacks were being lynched and killed.  250 years ago African Americans were enslaved. Ancestry and Cultures wiped out. History and truth smudged or stamped out. The Black Community slowly limped forward. America slowly shuffled forward. Ignorance and self-loathing has clamped steel claws and bear trapped the Black Community, but we move slowly forward. This poison has crippled the country, but we move forward. 

So as I travel to John Adams Elementary School, I have a sense of honor and obligation. I am honored to be able to reap the fruit of righteous people. I reverence those who sacrificed to help our culture move forward. I am obligated to my children, your children, and future generations to exercise the right to contribute to my civilization. I refuse to be a brat who sucks from the tit of his mother’s hard work and does not grow. I will not sit in lethargy.

I am voting for a Blackman for President of the United States of America.

So I salute my ancestors as I vote for Barack Obama



Meditation Journal 11/4/2008


Over the past several days, my meditation exercises have been pretty typical.  The exercises consist of the same routine and obstacles to some degree or another.  I am learning that what I eat plays a major role in my meditation. I ate quite a bit of sugar yesterday, and it made my practice seem speedy.  It also made me a little jumpy.   I know that I should not eat before a meditation exercise. 

Self Examination:

Photo_102708_002 I am grateful for my meditation exercises.  It allows me the opportunity to learn to live in the present (slow down).  My wife and I had a conversation on Saturday. She told me that I am a very controlling person.  I denied it of course because I felt that I was not controlling, but more of a facilitator.  I was merely trying to lead her or (anyone for that matter) over to my point of view. (That’s funny!  Isn't that controlling defined?)  I never looked at myself as controlling, but as I began to examine myself I realized I am very controlling!  In my past, I always had to control the situation.  If the situation was not controlled by me, I would not want to participate or I would make my mark within the situation.   Now that I think of it, even when I was dating or I saw a girl I wanted I would devise a plan to get the woman I wanted.  I don't fly because I am not the pilot!

I am saying all of this because I am faced with the reality that before I can move forward, I must work to overcome my fear of losing control.  Fear is the issue.  It is being fueled by my ego, insecurity, and avoidance.  So in order to remove the fear, I must identify the traits, factors and situations that prompt this need to always be in control. 

I must replace the negative traits with trust and understanding.  I must let go of the ego and follow when necessary.  Mindfulness will help facilitate the change and help me get rid of FEAR

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