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Monday, September 28, 2009

My Personal Perception

Personal Perception

Life has provided many roads and storylines that shaped my character and personality. My image has been shaped like earth being slowly molded by water’s constant motion. I realize my image is not constant and it changes as my world view expands and I accept new knowledge and release unnecessary or harmful components of myself.

The image of “Travis” is supposed to be a reflection of my belief, abilities, shortcomings and fears. I display the positive and negative personas of myself. I believe my potential is perfection; therefore, imperfections must be acknowledged and alleviated. I may not remedy all my imperfections during my lifetime, but the road to perfection is the most peaceful journey. My quest to obtain my true form of perfection is propelled by hope and the search for truth. I learned the other roads are self destructive and so tedious, that one can get lost in one’s own pain and ignorance. A visit to the Holocaust Museum this summer helped me recognize the importance of hope and truth. The Germans after World War I felt abandoned and hopeless. These destitute feelings allowed Hitler to move into power. His message called for “national pride” and shifted much of the blamed for Germany’s condition to the Jews. This felonious message of hope and truth morphed into a communication of death for Jews, Gypsies, and many others. I am dedicating the balance of my life to help people uncover personal truth and hope in their lives.

I am

I am a good man on a trek for truth. I believe that my calling is to be a helper of all people. I sometimes compare personal perception and acceptance to the story of Jonah. Jonah ran from his calling and suffered a storm and being ingested by a whale. Once he accepted his calling and mission he was place back on the right trek and he fulfilled that mission. So, who am I? I am a loving, giving, thoughtful, and loyal person. I have a giving personality. I receive positive growth from giving and sharing. If I attempt to be completely selfish with my motives, any sense of satisfaction is too short lived to enjoy.

Career in the helping profession

My self-discovery began with an examination of “Travis.” I acknowledged all my attributes and flaws. I felt relief. The relief was a result of simple acceptance of my gifts and flaws. Now I walk through life working to eradicate flaws and display attributes. I finally accepted that it was not important to be perfect. It was important to accept the journey to perfection.

My mission to be a helper is based on this simple philosophy: Humankind’s position on this earth means sharing ourselves with the world. Humans have abilities and aptitude for individual and collective purpose in life. Deviation from that purpose leads to unhappiness and turmoil. My job as a helper is to aid clients in self discovery or methods to return to their purpose. I will help them obtain or maintain harmony.

“Who I am” is in direct correspondence with why I am in the helping profession. I walked blindly through much of my life and I was unhappy. I did not acknowledge my faults and downplayed my attributes. My decision to become a helper relates to the second half of Jonah’s story. When Jonah delivered his message of change and compassion to the people of Nineveh, his prejudice and hatred of Nineveh begin to devour him. He did not believe people of Nineveh had the capacity for change and hoped God would destroy them, but the people accepted the message and changed their ways. Jonah sat under a tree consumed with hatred and unhappiness. This story has an interesting irony. Jonah never embraced his own message of change and compassion for himself. He delivered a universal message as mere words. I discovered my calling to be a helper. I accept and embrace this calling. My mission is to use the knowledge I am acquiring in the Masters of Counseling Program to help others and myself. Who am I? I am a good man on a trek to truth.

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