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Friday, September 26, 2008

My World

I am here to share myself with The World, but it begins in My World.


In the past, I felt that I was alone and no one understood me. As I began to search for my role in God's plan, I began to realize that my actions affect multitudes of people directly and indirectly. Now I am very mindful of my actions, because of my responsibility to The World. I want to only provide positive vibes and actions. We are all a part of one another. Once we discover our gifts and utilize those gifts as God intended we contribute fully to The World.

My gift is sharing and serving The World. I love to lend a hand to people and share my Love, Life, and Insight with The World. I am here to share myself with The World, but it begins in My World. "My World" is the portion of "The World" that I affect directly or indirectly with my actions. "The World" includes all of God's creations. I only separate the two, because "My World" gives me a direct sense of responsibility and respect for anyone who enters my world. If you entered my home, my good manners dictate that I offer a drink of knowledge, food for thought, and make you comfortable. When you enter My World, I want to make sure you have a positive experience and take a "to-go plate of Good Vibes" into Your World

Announcement- I have created a podcast for my "Real Man's Swagger" Blog. So please visit and enjoy my Podcast and please share my Love with someone in your World tell them about my website.

Thank You for allowing me to show Love to your world.


"I am your humble servant"

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