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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

On The Bus

I jumped on the Bus with my son today to drop him off at Ms Marva, and I began to realize that the Bus and its inhabitances had become a part of me. I spoke to the driver and smiled at the older lady and she reciprocated. Everyone knew my routine and they expected to see me and my son. As people got on the bus, I began to speak to people and smile and make small talk. I even had a lady of to give me the “eye”.
There was a man on the bus who was offended by a older lady coughing. Because of the coughing, He opened the bus window and exposed the elderly woman to the crisp morning air. She asked him to close it. He got upset and went off on her, because of the coughing and the fact that her English was thick because of her heavy accent!. Everyone look at him (including myself) with disapproval and concern. I think that our distaste for his manners affected him so badly, that he got off the bus at the next available stop. Now I understand his concern for her coughing, but disrespecting an elder is not acceptable. He should know and understand that completely.
Now after the bus ride, I got on the metro and I smiled at the same familiar faces and spoke to the same people in Vienna. I thought to myself, “Wow all of these people are a part of my life and they affect me and I affect them. A smile from them can put me in a good mood and vice versa.

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  1. I wished more people got this. None of us are here alone. The world does not revolve around us individually. We are here collectively and for every action there is a reaction. It is up to us whether it is positive or negative. :-)


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