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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Meditation Journal January 27, 2009

My meditation has been a little difficult over the last few weeks.  The difficulty comes from my routine.  I have a tendency to worry more about the breath.  That creates agitation sometime and restlessness.  It sometimes hinder the ability to deepen my meditative state.

Namaste[1] I am working on focusing my meditation to different aspects of life at I am working on. For example,  I am working on procrastination right now, so I will focus my meditation to that needed energy. With this focus,  my attention is drawn to my procrastination and I become mindful of it.  I find that tins form of meditation promotes mindfulness and objectivity.  

I am working hard to reestablish my routine.  Even though my meditation times have been spotty and challenging, I continue to enjoyed working on my practice to realize its  full potential.

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