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Saturday, December 20, 2008

What Passion is ...and What Passion is not?

DAD T 122008 If you have some age on you and you have experienced several relationships in your quest for love and life, you realize that there are elements in relationships that must be in balance in order for a relationship to work. Ideally, your partner provides that balance.  Many successful relationships are due to this balance.  When this balance is not represented in a relationship, the relationship may become unhinged and it is very difficult to maintain this type of relationship.  In my life I have indulged in relationships that were based strongly on passion without any practicality.

In the past I have indulged in relationships that were more passionate than practice, I always seem to go too far.  Nothing criminal, I assure you, but the relationship just seems to dig deeply into indulgences with little or no practicality whatsoever.  Now love was there and we cared about one another deeply, but our relationship would swing from end to end.  One minute we were blissful and the next we were at each other’s throats.  The passion was out of control.  We could not last, because we did not bring an element of stability to the mix. 

I have learned in life that this does not only apply to romance.  When a person is looking for their responsibility and contribution to this life, you know that you are there if you provide a necessary element.  You position in life fit as a puzzle piece fits. 

It is a simple as that!  Look do you fit into your overall element?

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