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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happiness is in my Mandela's Eyes

Happiness can be found in the eyes of my youngest son when I come home. He gets joy from just being. He does not need the status of “Bull-S.” that many of us think are so important. He does not need new cars, houses, or any other material things to foster his happiness. His happiness comes from his soul; his inner being. The pure joy of being alive and sharing himself with our world seems to be his fuel.
He has not been polluted by materialism or false hope or expectation from objects that cannot provide any comfort, security, or true rewards. He is not obtaining meaningless objects and grasping people, events, and memories to fulfill his life. Grasping means to attempt to hold on to a person, event or object outside its natural cycle in life. An example of grasping is attempting to recreate an event because the memory of the experience was satisfying. Grasping (at this past experience) is unhealthy because it is generally impossible to recreate; thus, you are left with feelings of disappointment and/or grief.
Happiness is not an elusive feeling. We create the wall between us and happiness. Our barrier of selfish desires and motives hinders our ability to obtain and remain happy. Selfish desires and motives create a very short–lived feeling of happiness. If we get rid of the selfish motives by sharing, we can reconnect with happiness. We can feel like my son.
You can obtain fine things in life, but do not allow material possession to define you. If your life is defined by your belongings, happiness cannot flourish is minimized or squeezed out.

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