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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Plan for Change: Obama!

I was thinking about the election and I am an Obama supporter. I thought I would do a quick blog about Obama and why I am honestly voting for him:

1. He’s Black! - I am not ashamed to admit that race plays a large factor in my decision to support Obama. Many people make it a point to say the opposite. (Why are we afraid of race dialogue?) They act as if race is not a factor. As a Black Man, it is my duty to give Obama a serious opportunity to win my vote based on race. It similar to a Veteran receiving extra points (Veteran Preference) on a Government Job Application because he is a veteran. If Obama’s policies were too radical and would not benefit the US as a whole, then he would not get my support or my vote. But being a Black Man provides him an opportunity to stand out and receive special consideration.
2. He has a wonderful personality. Campaign promises are limited by politics. If the promises are not approved by the House and/or the Senate, campaign promises will die. A person’s character provides more insight into the nature of man, than promises and rhetoric. Obama’s character supports his intention.

Someone said to me (I do not remember who), “As Blacks in America, we(Black Folk) have to be more or overly qualified, determined and limitless tenacity to move into the ranks of the powerful in the US.” Obama has done just that! Obama you have my vote

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  1. Just notice you joined my Follow me list. Thank you! I'm so glad there was something there that interested you. :-) I'm looking forward to viewing the rest of your blog. I love your intro. I'm off to go check out this swagger of yours. :-)


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