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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Meditation Journal 10/29/08

Today I truly enjoyed my morning practice. When I began, I suffered from a sinus headache. In my readings, I read a insightful segment on pain and suffering. The book suggested that in your practice, when you are in pain take the proper medication or treatment, and if it remains, don't resist the pain, but focus and study the pain. According to this book, resistance only intensifies the pain and causes unnecessary suffering. If you make the pain one of your focal point in your meditation practice, you will discover a better means to cope. I did exactly what they suggested. The pain did not disappear, but I was able to relax and focus a little better in spite of the pain.

Once I was relaxed I found a comfortable posture and hand placement. I started with the breathing. Once my breath was relaxed, smooth and somewhat normal, I started at the top of my head and mentioned the major body parts to relax. After I was relaxed, I was able focus on my breath without counting the inhalations or exhalations. My mind did wonder a little, but I was able to bring my focus back. All and All the morning practice was excellent.

I was so happy with my morning practice that I was a little too excited to begin my afternoon practice. It was wonderful as well, but It took a little more time to focus. All and all it was a wonderful day.


I never realized that as humans, we sometimes spend so much time resisting, that we do not understand what and why we are in opposition. For example, the pain I experienced this morning is natural. Pain is an inevitable part of our existence. Pain is an alert system of the body. It tells us if there is something to be concerned about. It also may tell us to slow down, exercise more, or seek treatment. Next time I feel a pain, I will focus, so I can make the right decisions for relief, healing, or treatment. It will not be ignored.

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