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Thursday, November 6, 2008

The I Spy Connection- Meditation Journal 11/6/2008


My meditation practice is going well. The practice is great, and I am becoming more mindful.  The focus of my mediation is to learn from observation.  I have conditioned myself to be controlling out of fear and mistrust.

I am working on my control and trust issues. I can now look in the mirror at Travis.  I am aware of my need to control everything.  My meditation practice slows me down and allows me to focus on my goals, direction, and shortcomings.  It is impossible to do everything or control ever element of a situation, but I tried.  Meditation provides a means to examine and change the controlling behavior through mindfulness.

Instead of stopping for a quick once over, I would overlook all of the good traits and not correct the bad attributes. God provides the insight, means, and guidance to those who are open enough to accept the tools he provides. Our experiences can be likened to I SPY.  I SPY is a kid show in which the main character searches for several components to accomplish a task. The characters are told what is necessary, and they began to search specifically for those items.   The correlation is simple.  In any of our given situations, God provides clues through intellect, experience, observation and insight.  He also provides individuals to counsel and forewarning us.



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