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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My Part: Front Row to History

Election Night: Get a front row seat to history

Today I will contribute to history.

This is significant because less than 50 years ago there were laws that prevent my relatives from voting. There were laws that separated the races and systematically oppressed Blacks and other minorities.  This injustice prevented community growth and equality. Less than 100 years ago, Blacks were being lynched and killed.  250 years ago African Americans were enslaved. Ancestry and Cultures wiped out. History and truth smudged or stamped out. The Black Community slowly limped forward. America slowly shuffled forward. Ignorance and self-loathing has clamped steel claws and bear trapped the Black Community, but we move slowly forward. This poison has crippled the country, but we move forward. 

So as I travel to John Adams Elementary School, I have a sense of honor and obligation. I am honored to be able to reap the fruit of righteous people. I reverence those who sacrificed to help our culture move forward. I am obligated to my children, your children, and future generations to exercise the right to contribute to my civilization. I refuse to be a brat who sucks from the tit of his mother’s hard work and does not grow. I will not sit in lethargy.

I am voting for a Blackman for President of the United States of America.

So I salute my ancestors as I vote for Barack Obama



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